State-sponsored terror: British arms to Mexico increase 6,000% in nine months


Britain has stepped up arms exports to one of the worst human rights abusers on the American continent, figures reveal.

Since 2006, Mexico has engaged in a brutal “dirty war” against its people, killing 120,000, disappearing over 23,000, and displacing as many as 1.6 million. Yet in 2015, British arms sales to the country skyrocketed.
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“Unprecedented yes, unpredictable no”: Friends of the Earth’s Guy Shrubsole on floods, austerity and climate change

As London prepares for particularly intense climate change, councils elsewhere no longer even have to produce adaptation plans. As Friends of the Earth’s leading floods campaigner Guy Shrubsole puts it, we seem to be “gold-plating our defences here and allowing the rest of the country to effectively just go swim.” And that’s only the beginning. Guy recently wrote for openDemocracy on what’s gone wrong with government policy on flood defences, and what needs to change. On Wednesday, I joined him in FoE’s offices to hear more.

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Kill The Bill! Housing protesters on why they’re taking to the streets

The Government’s Housing and Planning Bill, now passing through Parliament, will exacerbate the UK’s housing crisis – forcing tenants out of homes, raising rents, undermining security of tenure and devastating what remains of social housing. Earlier today (Tuesday 5 January 2016), I joined demonstrators outside the House of Commons for Kill The Housing Bill, to hear what they had to say.

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