On the immense popularity of Tony Blair


There’s a lot to criticise in Tony Blair’s defence of Blairism earlier this month. But let’s take just one claim: that, as Blair puts it,

“the essential position we occupied in British politics retained appeal which is why we not only won a third term in 2005, we were never in any real danger of not getting it.”

True? You can probably guess the answer: it’s completely untrue. Continue reading


#YouAintNoMuslimBruv? It’s just not true, says David Cameron

After Leytonstone’s horrific attacks, it wasn’t long before the hashtag #YouAintNoMuslimBruv began trending on Twitter. A witness had shouted these words at the attacker.

Nor was it long before David Cameron jumped on the bandwagon.

The PM gushed:

“Let me also pay credit to the person – can’t quite see who it is from the film – who made that brilliant statement about “you ain’t no Muslim”. I think – some of us have dedicated speeches and media appearances and soundbites and everything to this subject, but “you ain’t no Muslim, bruv” said it all much better than I ever could, and thank you, because that will be applauded all around the country.”

So which “speeches and media appearances and soundbites” were these, then? Continue reading