Don’t believe Tony’s cronies. The left were right about Labour’s impending defeat, and they’re right now

Labour leadership contest

Everywhere you look, they’re saying the same thing. Labour is in hock to the unions, not friendly enough to big business. In The Spectator, ally of the working man Nick Cohen demonises Unite’s Len McCluskey, the evil genius who controls Labour. In the Telegraph, resident Blairophile Dan Hodges stuffs his usual self-satisfied, evidence-free fluff down the reader’s throat. (Didn’t he tell us Ed Miliband would lose?) Equally untethered from evidence and sense, the Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland tells Labour to stop worrying and embrace Blair. Continue reading


On the election, and the crisis within Labour

Some people are such sore losers. When a legitimate vote goes against them, they refuse to accept the result. When people say things they don’t like, they try and shut them down. Oh, they may preach democracy and free expression, but they’re soon intolerant of anyone with the nerve to disagree. You know who I’m talking about. I’m referring, of course, to our new government. Continue reading