11 of the biggest lies you’ll hear this election season

1. Labour created the deficit by borrowing and spending too much


Nigel Farage: “Look, there’s no question that spending got completely out of control under Labour” (00:21:21)

David Cameron: “The Choice at this election is sticking with a plan that’s working – or going back to the debt, taxes, borrowing and spending that got us in this mess in the first place.” (00:06:10)

“if we go back to the tax, the waste, the spending and the debt, all the things that got us into a mess in the first place, we wouldn’t help working people; we’d hurt working people. That’s what Labour did last time, and we mustn’t let it happen again.” (00:11:55)

“Here’s the point, we’ve got to understand why the deficit matters and why we got here. And the problem and the real choice is with Ed Miliband, who still thinks the last Labour government didn’t tax too much, borrow too much and spend too much. And if you don’t understand the mistakes of the past, you can’t provide the leadership for the future.” (18:03)

“We won’t do it if we go back to the debt, the welfare, the spending and the taxes that got us into this mess in the first place.” (00:25:40)  Continue reading


The biggest lie: “Austerity heals the economy”


Perhaps the most bizarre assumption pervading last week’s seven-way leaders’ debate was that slashing public spending not only doesn’t harm the economy but actively strengthens it. The claim surfaced repeatedly, most often – and least surprisingly – from David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Continue reading