It was blind prejudice – not “political correctness” – that failed Rotherham’s abused children

daily mail cowards headline

“1,400 victims of the PC brigade” screamed The Sun’s headline on Wednesday – conscripting Rotherham’s sexually-exploited children for its longstanding campaign against “political correctness”. “Social workers and police feared racism claims – so did nothing”, declaimed the Mail. So far, so predictable; but soon far-right broadsheets joined the far-right tabloids. The report on the abuse “keeps coming back to the terror of saying the wrong thing”, intoned Tory MEP Daniel Hannan. The problem is that “everything is seen through the prism of … what we erroneously call “anti-racism”” (staff are taught that “everything – everything – should be seen through the prism of race”) but is in reality an all-powerful totalitarian movement:

““Anti-racism” has for a long time been the most powerful card in the Leftist deck, trumping everything else: free contract, free association, free speech. It has been elevated as the supreme goal of public policy.

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Everything you know about Hamas is wrong

Two Minutes Hate

Alright, not everything. And no, not you, smart-arse. Still, it’s been alarming to be reminded over the past month just how delusory much western public conversation on Hamas is. A common perception is that Hamas are in essence recalcitrant fundamentalist extremists, hell-bent on destroying Israel by any means possible. Virulently anti-semitic, misogynist and genocidal, they use whatever weapons they acquire to murder Israeli civilians and perhaps even attack Western targets internationally, without compunction or restraint. There is little awareness in this discourse that Hamas differ in any significant way from the Jihadists of ISIS or Al-Qaeda. Continue reading